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New Year - New Blog!

Is it still the new year?

Hahaha... I think this took a while longer than planned - oh well.

I'm glad you're here!

Okay! Let's get this thing started:

Since I can remember I've been working with paper.

My grandpa, who was a farmer in rural Southwest Germany, but also worked in feed and fertilizer trade, would bring home order pads - 100 pages thick, of white and green paper - for me to draw on. Oh, and how I would draw! At first it was probably kids sketches, then it would become technical drawings of birdhouses, dream homes and later graffiti sketches (that thankfully never made it on any wall :)) Also I would cut and glue those pages and build little models, make Christmas stars, snowflakes and fold origami-like pieces.

But it wasn't until much later (I was studying Interior Design / Product Design at that point), when visits to the States (and especially visits with my "old" exchange family") would re-introduce me to paper crafts and especially to card making! My "American mom" showed me Scrapbooks she'd made and took me to paper craft stores that just blew my mind!

Please don't judge and especially don't do the Math - just let me say this was all before the World Wide Web and such.

Since then, life just got in the way to keep up with the paper passion.

I worked in trade show design and traveled way too much to really enjoy sitting down to be creative besides work.

And also it was too hard to keep up with all the trends or getting material shipped to Germany at that time.

BUT - fast forward to 2020 - things looked very different!

After moving to the US in 2014 I got some material here and there - it was definitely enough to get Christmas cards assembled and sent to family and friends overseas.

But with the pandemic hitting the world and me having some extra time on hand, this world of card making opened up to me once more - and man, did I dive in!

I got myself my first die cutting machine in December of 2019 and (kind of with a sixth sense) started reading into companies, products, blogs, started following the absolute stars of the scene and learned tons from them!

And this is how it all started...

Now, exactly one year later, I have made tons of cards - mainly just to teach myself, distract myself from the cruelty of 2020. I also have an Instagram account that displays my work, I have products that allow me to make more beautiful cards in the future and I'm part of a community of amazing, creative and very kind people all over the planet.

With this page / blog I hope to inspire people like me - creative souls looking for ideas and connection. ​WELCOME!

Thank you for reading and make sure to like and comment this post and let me know if you have any questions :-)


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